Tempat dating di jakarta

23-Nov-2017 13:18

Night Club / Live Band A number of venues have live bands entertaining their guests.

Sometimes it is a local band or many times the venue will contract a band from overseas for a 2 or 3 month period.

Roof Top Lounge Over the past couple of years, with the completion of numerous high-rise buildings, Jakarta has seen a number of roof top lounges open.

These venues are taking advantage of the spectacular views of the surrounding neighborhoods or in some cases breathtaking views of the entire city to create a lovely atmosphere to meet up with friends over cocktails.

Generally speaking show bands will be performing on the weekends, however there will be one day during the week, normally Monday, that they will not perform.

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There is a wide range of venues to explore throughout the city.The live music can be expected to start at or pm and will continue past midnight.